Sunday, in which I made dinner

I made dinner tonight. I love to cook, so this shouldn't be unusual, except that I've been sick. Sick enough that once I felt up to it, I boiled eggs. Then remembered that I don't boil eggs since I get farm fresh eggs which won't peel if boiled. I normally steam them. Works great. Now I spend 20 minutes peeling the eggs, 4 per day. Sigh…

Back to dinner. I made salad dressing and put it on sliced cucumbers a couple hours early to marinate. Made salad later. Broiled pork steaks with seasoned salt. Very easy. Leeks. A revalation since my brother made them for me. These were very old because I'm not comfortable cooking them yet. I peeled away the gross bits and had three firm, lovely leeks. I braised them in wine and broth, then added mustard, fresh tomato, butter and reduced the sauce. Added the leeks back to coat and warm. Fabulous! Started making plain rice pilaf then remembered I'm adding vegetables to my starches when I can, and found some dried up mushrooms, half an onion, and the heart of a celery in the fridge. Diced, sautéed, added rice and broth, simmered 20 min and voila, pilaf enhanced with yummy veggies. A little white wine and iced tea. Other than boiling eggs(!), cutting up a little fruit and cooking canned soup, this is all the cooking I've done for a week. My cold is much improved! 7:30 Bedtime.

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No More Wooden Buttons!

The sweater in Dredz yarn is finally done. Just finished a moment ago. It was also finished on Sunday. It is green with a leaf motif and I bought lovely wooden buttons with fine concentric growth rings and bark left in as a nice dark edging.

After draping it across a chair Monday morning, I noticed it on the floor in the afternoon. No big deal, I picked up and put it back.

Tuesday as I’m packing for Madrona, I notice some little x’s sewn into my sweater with sock yarn. Weird. Kind of creepy. Who sews little x’s into other people’s knitting? Then it dawns on me. I sewed little x’s on my sweater. They were formed by going up and down through a button with four holes. But where are the buttons? And what about the backing buttons? If the main buttons are gone what happened to the others? Turns out nearly all the backing buttons were there. One had gone the way of its partner button and its little x of sock yarn. A few tiny button fragment were scattered here and there but very little evidence remained. Surprisingly, the sweater is not damaged. No wool was harmed in the eating of the buttons.

Three dogs had access. At least two are not happy about the evidence of an impending road trip. One skillfully ate all the buttons but didn’t hurt the wool. None of them ever eat our clothes or other woollies.

Seven ceramic buttons sewn on the sweater tonight. Message received. No more wooden buttons.


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Happy Dance

Did a little dance of celebration today. Finally connected the sleeves to the body, carefully following each step of the directions, trusting the designer and guessing that sleeve one meant right and two left. My mind said it was upside down backwards and wrong but it worked great and I very nearly have a sweater. I did a dance, had a cookie, and stopped worrying about that tricky part of the pattern.
This is the Modern Garden Cardigan. It’s in Dredz color Lichen. I’ve never thought a large woman would want a bulky weight sweater but I was browsing Ravelry and fell for it instantly. I’ve been working on it off and on for a week and I’m nearly done. If you know me and sweaters, you know this is very, very fast. It’s going to weigh a ton and isn’t a cheap project, but I’m just thrilled so far. Tried it on and I think it will fit.

I made some modifications and more may happen depending on how much yarn I have. Yes I can make more but do I want to? 5 skeins at 8 oz each may be my limit. I note the changes in Ravelry. Pics tomorrow when we’ve got daylight.

Heading to Woodinville WA for an NWRSA board meeting and spin in Saturday. Robin’s keeping me company. I’m vending of course. See you there?


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Rainshadow and Liken

I finished Rainshadow! I even got a lovely model for it. Thank you Sivia! The colors are Little Black Dress and Sandy.

Casting off means there’s room to cast more on. I don’t limit myself to just one project but if I have too many things going at once I get twitchy. So I like casting off, finishing up, and moving on.

Just in time for new things, Sivia’s got another new project. Liken is a mystery knit-a-long. Sivia’s first ever! We collaborated to offer three kits we think are great combinations of colors for this project. You can also choose your own colors and still get the kit pricing, or dig into your stash and just get the pattern. I’ve seen the project and it is gorgeous!
Laurelhurst and Cosmopolitan
Smitten and Burnside Bridge
Primavera and Valentine


I’ve chosen the springy colors of Primavera and Valentine. I found these purple beads that I think will be perfect. The picture really doesn’t do them justice. They are very sparkly.


We’ve already gotten orders for kits and I’m thrilled to see that a few people chose great colors of their own. Beautiful combinations all! We are already starting to ship the colors we have in stock. Most everything else will be dyed tomorrow and shipped ASAP. Thank you for your support!







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Freshly Minted

Ooh! I've got new handspun to show you! Two colorways combine for a whole new colorway of their own. I spun SW Merino 'cause I had some and I like spinning it. The result: a beautiful heathered yarn.

Want yo make your own? Easy. Start with Mood Ring and Aviation in any fiber you want. Break each hank into manageable lengths, maybe 2 ft long. Strip these into four pieces each, then spin the colors onto separate bobbins, picking randomly from the strips. Ply the Aviation bobbin with the Moid Ring bobbin. Done!

I love this technique because it is simple, let's the spinner be creative with the colors, and makes a great yarn to knit with. I like using two multi color colorways to get more heathering than barber poling.


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Club Shipped!

So this post is a little late, but I like to be sure my club members get their shipment before I post a picture of it. June's shipment is the second in our May-August Lux club.

The yarn is pure spun silk in a fine lace weight. The color is probably only going to be offered this once, but you never know. Three shades of red, ending up a bit lighter than our regular red, and a little more figured. For fun we called Red Branch, after a favorite cider house.

June's fiber is a different story. I thought 4 ounces of pure silk was a lot, so we supplied two ounces of two colors, double that for the 8 oz club. We did Red Branch and Maleficent with the idea that these two colors could be used separately or together. Do you like?

If you're feeling a bit sad that you didn't join the club, fear not, there's still time. Hop on over to the website and sign up if you like.


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Three in One

Three days of Conference rolled into one report here. Thursday was setup. After dyeing hankies, a great label fest, and peaking the car I got to Salem around 4. Here's setup in progress. Met a number of good friends and maybe stayed up a bit late sharing grape juice.

Friday the gallery opened and sales began. Word got around that a winning skein might be in my fiber. Hmmm? I checked out and sure enough the color is unmistakably Vineyard. Karen S. Did a Vineyard two ways and one was best use of the theme colors! It's beautifully spun. Way to go Karen S.!

And then there was the sweater. Top prize, very unusual and beautiful. Laura T did a ton of work to get this sweater just right. Congratulations Laura!

Here's a pretty shawl in Salem. Since we are in Salem for this weekend I was hoping to see a piece or two. Someone who missed the guild talk where this was introduced also scored a skein. Heidi D. Brought this newly minted scarf around. She wasn't sure who she had bought the fiber from, but I'm pretty sure I know. She bought Silk/merino 50/50 in Passion. Look how pretty!


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